Bernese Mountain Dog & Friend

A good samaritan sent us these pictures of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Bernese/Lab mix living in deplorable flooded and feces filled conditions during all types of weather.

We have been told, "
they will feed the dogs, but...literally sees and smells the feces stench...the mud, flooded yard...that his dogs actually lay in it in below freezing temps...and he's cool with that. words. The BMD even had frost on its ears the other morning when I went by in the early AM. Meanwhile...they are all inside where it's warm."  


Animal Control has been contacted, and the contact was told, as long as the dogs are being fed, there's nothing they can do.  

These dogs are young and seem to be very friendly. They need out immediately. Please help us find a foster and/or rescue for these two. We may also need to collect money in order to convince the “owners” to give them up. Please help!  

We will not be releasing an exact location, but they are in So Cal because we are in negotiations to pay the owners' ransom to have them released.  Our contact will be going to talk to the owners again to see if they are willing to surrender them if paid for their release.  

We are anticipating a jail-break bribe of around $200.


Then we will have boarding fees of $15 a day, and want to make sure we have at least 2 weeks covered which is $210.


Plus vaccinations and microchips at minimum (of course they will be altered prior to adoption), and not knowing if they have other medical issues being in these conditions. 

We are estimating a minimum cost of $600... please note, IF we are unable to get these dogs or at the very least get the owners to accept donations of supplies to make their lives better, these donations will be reversed.  We aren't in the business of trying to make money, just trying to help these pups get safe.

Thank you <3

Goal: $600