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Check Out Some of Our Favorite Friends' Adoptables Too!

Adoptions isn't our biggest mission,  We felt that there are lots of other groups out there doing adoptions that we network with and we wanted to focus on filling some of the gaps that sometimes leaves adoption groups struggling.  
But every once in awhile we hear of a case that we just can't say no to taking in and helping.  So, we do have a few kids up for adoption most of the time.  

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We will also courtesy post for families looking to re-home their furry friends responsibly.  In those cases those individuals are completely responsible for the adoption, we are just providing a way to help them get their pets seen by the public.

And, while we don't usually have a bunch of animals up for adoption, we do network with a lot of other rescues and shelters.  So chances are, we can help you find the forever friend you're looking for even if they aren't staying with us!  If you are looking for a family member and need assistance, please fill out our Dog Matchmaking Questionnaire!

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