BoBo The Senior Pitty

Senior Pups are always near and dear to our heart... and then we saw BoBo (FKA Kimbo) at the shelter.  

Bobo's story: He is a 9yr old senior Pitbull and he is the perfect gentleman. His old soul has so much life and love to give. His previous owners surrendered him to the shelter in February.  They said they had to give him up because they were moving and were unable to bring him along. They said he was good with other dogs and children. He passed his temperament test with flying colors, walks politely on a leash and has low/medium energy level. He adores belly rubs and would love a home with a soft warm bed. 

Our hearts were breaking because we just didn't have the capacity to take BoBo on without a foster.  Then we heard that BoBo was being adopted by one of our Faithful Supporters and they had a plan with another rescue in place.  We were overjoyed that this senior love was going to be safe.  On March 23rd BoBo met his Guardian Angels: Nicole and Danny and was finally safe.  

Fast forward a few days and we just heard that the original rescue plan for BoBo just wasn't the right fit for this older gentleman and he no longer had rescue backing... well we couldn't let that happen to poor BoBo or the amazing humans who opened their home to keep him safe.

So, now The RTB Pawsibilities Foundation is sponsoring BoBo!  He will stay with his guardian angel fosters until the right home is found.  But we NEED your help to follow through with our promise!  BoBo is an older guy and he needs to be checked out by our vet.  We are hoping for a clean bill of health, but suspect that like many old kids he's got some serious arthritis going on and possible hip dysplasia.  This means he's going to need meds, special supplements, X-rays and a baseline blood panel to make sure everything is working how it should be!  

We're setting the fundraiser for 600 right now, as we know that will cover the medical we are expecting... but what is found could change, so the fundraiser might too!

Here's What His Guardian Angels Have To Say About BoBo:

Meet BoBo (formerly known as Kimbo), BoBo is a 9-year-old Mastiff Pitbull that was surrendered to the Castaic Shelter in February. His previous owners stated that they had him for only 5 years. He wasn't fixed and someone had done a terrible job of cropping his ears, which left horrible scar tissue and trauma to him. My wife and I pulled him from the Castaic Shelter on March 23th, 2017, which would have been BoBo's last day on Earth. Due to his age and breed, BoBo was on the very short list to be put down at the shelter sadly. His caretakers at the shelter stated that he has been a shelter favorite and was loved by all the employees and volunteers, they were delighted that we were willing to take him in and give him another chance. Some of those caretakers have since come to visit him and help bring food supplies for him.  Despite his cropped ears and MMA fighter given name "Kimbo," this ol'boy is no fighter at all, but just a misunderstood lover, who only wants to give love, cuddles and spend his days sunbathing and rolling around in the grass, so he now goes by the name BoBo, a name that more resembles his true personality. 

Although my wife and I already have three dogs, two cats, and one hamster that were all pulled from the shelter as well, we just couldn't bare to let BoBo spend his final days in the shelter in fear and all alone, when instead he could spend his remaining years of life surrounded by a family and other dogs who love him care for him. 

We are hoping to establish a fund for ol'BoBo that will secure his health and medical bills so the time he has left with us will be in style and comfort. He has had a rough 9 years so far, and we want to show him the good life for the time he has left. As of now, we have noticed that BoBo has some severe arthritis and hip dysplasia. He is now eating full meals and showing signs of hair growth and slowly putting on some healthy weight again.

Well we have good news and okay news so far for Mr. BoBo...

Good News: The vet thinks he's only 5 or 6!, but he's obviously had a rough life so his body looks a bit older than he really is due to some serious wear and tear....

He had a fairly serious vet bill today...

He was a huge goof with our vet and even begged to be petted with his paw... it was

He's now had a blood panel, x-rays for his hips and elbows, a needle aspiration for an odd feeling lump, and anti-inflammatories and pain meds.  

Here's What we found out today: One of his funny lumps is a sebaceous cyst.  Not to worry it's not a bother to him and it can wait to be dealt with until he's already sedated for something else unless it starts to get big or is an issue.  

He has elbow dysplasia and his hips are okay but definitely have some wear and tear.  

His x-rays also show Spinal Spondylosis (meaning bone spurs have formed on the lower part of his spine and are bridging from one vertebrae to the next causing limited flexibility and motion.  Our vet thinks this is most likely due to impact from excessive jumping.  

So now what:  Well, we've loaded BoBo's Rescue Angels with the best food and lots of natural supplements to help with his discomfort and movability.  He got some pain meds today to help ease any discomfort as we get him going on the supplements.  The hope is that with a few weeks of good food and targeted supplements he won't need the pain meds long term.  

We're waiting on his blood panel to come back.  We ran it just to get a baseline and because he seems to have had it rough so far that we want to see what condition his insides are in too.  And for now we have to get his muscles really strong and conditioned to support his bones so he can have better movability.  

If you add up all the supplements, food, meds and tests we're a bit over our goal and we need to be able to keep him comfy too so your continued support is appreciated.

BoBo Update #1