Butter & Heidi

Butter and Heidi have finally made it to us...  

More about their story...  Their mom went over seas and left Heidi and Butter behind at the home she was selling.  She told her family to take them to the shelter, where their future was not certain by any means... 

We only knew about Butter, a 4 year old Vizsla x Lab mix originally and agreed to take her.  On the day she was supposed to come to us, she escaped the yard of the temporary home she was staying at with a family member...

This is when we found out there was a second dog: 9 year old Heidi.  We knew a 9 year old wouldn't do well in the shelter and even though we didn't have the space or funds, we couldn't leave them both behind.  Especially because they had now been taken back to their original house and left alone.  

Today, after many setbacks and changes, Heidi and Butter are finally safe with us, but we need your help.  Today when they finally got to us we also found out that Heidi has some type of mass that doesn't feel like a normal benign fatty tumor, so we may be facing some unexpected medical.  They are currently in boarding together, and we need to come up with the funds to keep them there while we wait for a networking partner rescue to have room to take them.  

Boarding is $15 a day for them, and we need your help.  They will probably be with us for about 2 weeks... we need to come up with the $210 to know we can care for them while they are with us.  

Goal: $210

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