Current Crisis Cases...

We try to help as many animals as we can, especially those others have left behind, or others aren't helping... right now, we're involved in so many Crisis Cases, we need your help!

Some Crisis Cases turn into us having a new pup, while others are good owners in need of assistance, and still others we play middle person and help get the animals safe with another rescue we know and trust, which leaves us open to help more animals.

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Crisis Cases We've Helped ...


On January 13th at about 830 PM I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my family, casually scrolling through my Facebook feed.  I came across a picture of two dogs on the side of a road with the caption "Brown dog died and the black dog won't leave his side.  Can someone help this dog they've been there for at least 7 hours.  If no one helps I think black dog is going to die also." 

I couldn't stand the thought of this poor dog out in the cold in the pitch black night, so I called a friend and asked if she could go check to see if they were still there.  Sure enough they were, but there were other people there too already trying to get him.  He was protecting his dead friend and wouldn't let anyone come close.   Another friend let me know someone was out there trying to get him with a trap.  And he appeared to be burying his friend to keep her safe.


Meet our newest boy MACE!!! 

Mace is a 14 month old pit mix pup!  Mace went to stay with his grandparents when his dad went to college, and the older dog there just wasn't ok sharing space. Unfortunately Mace was yet another victim of a family reaching out for education and help to be faced with extremely high training rates to even get seen and after an escalation of the other dog's frustration, some family members decided Mace just couldn't stay. He was faced with heading to the shelter at 5 pm on Friday night when we heard his story at about 430. We asked if we could come meet him and if they could give us until today to see how we could help. Luckily for Mace they were willing to work with us.... we met Mace and found out that he's a total squish bug!...


Bobo's story: He is a 9yr old senior Pitbull and he is the perfect gentleman. His old soul has so much life and love to give. His previous owners surrendered him to the shelter in February.  They said they had to give him up because they were moving and were unable to bring him along. They said he was good with other dogs and children. He passed his temperament test with flying colors, walks politely on a leash and has low/medium energy level. He adores belly rubs and would love a home with a soft warm bed. 

Wounded Pup...

Ty is FINALLY with Us & Thriving in his foster home!

This pup showed up at a neighbor's house injured.  They don't know who he belongs to, as he's not chipped.  

He showed up with a swollen leg and a wound.  He currently won't put weight on his foot, and she doesn't have the money to get him to see a vet.

Her Plea: This little baby always comes to our house we don't know who he belongs to but today he was sitting at our gate and his back leg is injured. I don't have money to take him to the vet. Does anyone know what I can do to help him or can anyone help him?...

Butter & Heidi

We're Happy to Announce Butter & Heidi have Found their Forever Homes!

Butter and Heidi have finally made it to us...  

More about their story...  Their mom went over seas and left Heidi and Butter behind at the home she was selling.  She told her family to take them to the shelter, where their future was not certain by any means... 

Lacey & Timber

We're Happy to Announce, Lacey has found her forever home.  Timber is still looking for his!


Lacey & Timber are 1.5 year old cattle dog mixes... they are not being taken care of and are in a horrible situation.  The neighbor has reached out for help, and no one is stepping up.


We're Happy To Announce, Rebel has been ADOPTED!

Our 2 hour SAR drive ended VERY successfully. After being abandoned around the 6th, this boy is now safe and won't ever be alone again!! But he needs a new name for sure!!

He's about 4 years old and is a black lab ❤
Shy but friendly....

REBEL is safe in our care, but we need help with his boarding bills.... and he will be available for adoption in a week or so...


We're Happy To Announce, Melanie has been ADOPTED!

Melanie, affectionately called Mei Mei is an 8 month old Great Pyrenees Mix.  She has been with our rescue since she was about 12 weeks old.    She came to us young, and her former foster was planning on adopting her, but due to unforeseeable change in her life, was no longer able to keep Mei.  When Mei came back to us, it was clear that she had been the Diva of the household, and picked up the rather naughty habit of believing she gets to have whatever she wants whenever she wants it...

Mom & 2 Pups


The Tragedy just keeps coming tonight... These 3 need out NOW!!!!!

The human mom desperately wants these 3 to be safe, but she needs our help!  She's afraid to just give us the dogs because the ex boyfriend is abusive.  But, he is now taking things out on the mom dog, and we need to get them out of the abusive situation.  He has agreed to give them up for $75.  $25 a dog.  We told them we would only take them if we got all 3, so that he doesn't try to keep one, he either gets nothing or the 75...  Can you guys please help us raise the $75 to get them safe?...

3 Puppies in Apple Valley

We're Happy To Announce All 3 are Safe!

We saw a post on Facebook about 3 neglected puppies in Apple Valley that needed a new home, but hadn't had any known medical care.  So, we went out and got all 3 of them... got them the medical care they needed and will soon be up for adoption

Jax - Needed Medical Attention


We got an urgent phone call tonight from someone in need of help.  Her dogs got into a fight, and one is really hurt, but she didn't have the money for vet care and didn't know what to do.  We sent her to the vet to figure out the extent of his injuries and see what we were looking at.  ... 

Balto - The Parvo Puppy

We're happy to announce Balto Made It!

8 week old Belgian Malinois puppy Balto was just diagnosed with Parvo! His owner cannot afford treatment. So we stepped in to give poor Balto the best chance possible. 

We have had Balto moved to our vet who is on call for the night as luck would have it. He will be getting treatment for the night while his owner decides what is best for the pup. We have told him that we will take Balto into our rescue and ensure he gets all care needed, but he wasn't ready to give him to rescue so we said we would pay for the night so Balto could start treatment ASAP...

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