What kind of housing is required?

A well fenced yard, fresh water, and a shovel pretty well cover the basic physical requirements.

How much notice will I have?

Sometimes we don't have more than one day's notice of an incoming animal;  When relocating existing foster animals, we are able to give you more notice.

What do you do when you can't find a foster home?

If we don’t have a foster home, we usually aren’t able to take an animal in and help them. 

What will I be responsible for?

Providing a safe environment; regular feeding, fresh water, basic house manners, & TLC. We also rely on foster homes to provide an evaluation of the dog's behavior, attitude, etc.  This helps us to place the hound in the right type of home.

What will TRTBPF be responsible for?

he cost of vaccinations and other medical bills. Food & supplements, though we are thrilled when fosters want to buy these things themselves (though they must be what we feed).   We also supply fosters with a crate, collar and leash for dogs;  and exercise pen for puppies all on loan for the time the animal is in foster.

Suppose the rescue doesn't get along with my dog, my spouse, our cat, etc.? Or suppose things change in my life and I just can't keep the animal?

We will take back a foster animal back at your request (fosters and rescues). You won't get stuck or made to feel guilty (promise).  We do ask that you give us as much warning about needing to return the animal as possible so we can make the best arrangements for the animal.

What if I foster one and then really grow to love him/her?

All that means is they’ve found a great home!  Just let us know you’re interested in adopting and we will go through the process with you.

What are the advantages to fostering?

When you foster, you save a life. You get to meet some wonderful animals too!  Having the opportunity to "test drive" several animals in the process of picking out one to keep. Helping rehabilitate a dog that may have been abandoned, neglected, or even abused. Meeting some wonderful prospective families. Enjoying your foster animal’s companionship without making a lifetime commitment.

What are the disadvantages to fostering?

It is easy to grow attached to a rescue, and it can be hard to watch them leave.  The animal will require some of your time. There is only one real test of housebreaking; when you let the dog inside your house, you'll know soon enough.

How long will I keep a foster animal?

Until it is placed, or until you tell us that you no longer wish to keep it. Some fosters are placed quickly; others take weeks or months.

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Is Fostering For You?          What's the Foster Process

When we don’t have fosters, we can’t help as many animals.  Since we don’t have our own facility right now we depend on fosters to be able to help as many animals as we can!  Yes, we do have some boarding options, but that gets expensive AND we usually keep our boarding slots really full (because we hate saying no to helping an animal). 

Would you be willing to open your home to an animal to change his/her life? 

We Need Fosters!

If you are still interested in fostering, please COMPLETE THE FOSTER APPLICATION!

Once you complete the application, we will talk on the phone and talk about the fostering process.  Then we will do a home check.  The home check lets us see what kind of environment you have to foster an animal in and what type of animal (energy / behavior) would benefit most from time in your home!

#1 Application

The first step in our process is for you to fill out an application.  We are using this as a guide to help match you with the best foster for you.  We want to know what your living situation is like and if it would fit the fur kid you're interested in helping, and if they would fit you!  This takes into account things like: other pets in the house, kids, gate height.

Once you complete the FOSTER APPLICATION, We will review it and contact you to set up the next steps.

#2 Home Check

Yes, we require a home check with all fosters.  The home check is NOT to judge you in anyway.  It is to ensure the safety of your new foster fur kid in your environment.  For example, we look to see if your fences are high enough for a pup not to jump.  Or to ensure there's no obvious dangers in the yard (like a live wire - yes that's really happened).  We just want to come in and point things out that we see could be issues as experienced pet owners that you might not have thought of!

If everything checks out at the home check... we'll head to the next step.  

If something comes up at the home check, we will ask that if you're still interested in fostering, you address any issues we find, and then we can come back and complete the home check officially.

#3 Meet & Greet

The next step is to schedule a meet and greet with the animal(s) you are interested in fostering.  Please note that our animals are in foster situations so scheduling a meet will require some schedule matching.  These are typically done on weekends.  For the meet, we ask that every person and dogs living in the household comes along.  We want to make sure that you, your family, any current fur kids, and the animal are truly a great match!  We are looking to see if you and the animal bond and would make each other happy.  Keep in mind this is just an initial meet.  For some kids who have had harder backgrounds and take a bit more time to adjust to new people we might ask you to meet them a few times.  

#4 Foster Drop Off

This is where you get to being your foster kid home.  In staring the fostering we have you fill out a foster contract that lays out everything we expect from our fosters, and how we work as a team for the benefit of the animals.  We go through the paperwork and all foster conditions we prepare for (we promise it's nothing too crazy).  

#5 Foster Check Ins

We check in with our fosters At Least Weekly.  This ensures we know what's going on with the pet, and help address any issues our fosters are having.  Our fosters are provided with food and free training for the foster.  Any resource you need will be at your fingertips.

IF FOR ANY REASON YOU ARE NO LONGER CAPABLE OF CARING FOR YOUR FOSTER:  We will take them back - for the life of the pet - no questions asked.

And also we LOVE photo updates!

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What's the Process To Become a Foster?


Is Fostering For You?