We got an urgent phone call tonight from someone in need of help.  Her dogs got into a fight, and one is really hurt, but she didn't have the money for vet care and didn't know what to do.  We sent her to the vet to figure out the extent of his injuries and see what we were looking at.  

The problem is that Jax's injuries are Extensive, and that's just what we can see on the outside.  The vet thought that Jax needed to be sedated to have the wounds opened and cleaned.  His ear is extremely damaged and there are puncture wounds on all four legs.  The estimate we got for the night was a minimum between $1,200 and $1,600 with a high chance of needing even more once they were able to examine the wounds.  

We just didn't have the funds to cover everything, so we did the minimum to get him comfortable with pain meds and antibiotics for the night, and he has an appointment with our vet in the morning to see what he thinks is best, but we need to brace for the worst, and his mom just can't cover the costs.  

She dearly loves her dogs, and just doesn't know what to do.  This is where we need your help!  We have already paid a $428 dollar bill for tonight's care, and have no idea what our vet in the morning is going to advise, even at the very least.  

Please help us raise money to do whatever we can to at least ensure Jax survives this and is pain free.

Here's the bill for just from tonight...

Goal: $592.40


Jax Update... He got the care he needed!!!!!

His family needed a little help making it happen and you all gave them just that!

Including today's care, Jax's care came out to $1,040.50.  We put down the money for the $428 dollar bill last night and another $250 for today's bill.  His family was able to come up with the rest with our guidance in options.  We are so thankful to our followers and those who supported Jax who made it possible for us to help this family in need.  In total, the rescue spent $592.40 on Jax's case (the vet's each gave us a rescue discount which we are extremely thankful for).  We are very appreciative to Saugus Animal Hospital who got us in without warning and helped Jax be much more comfortable until we could see what funds we could come up with and  get him in to see our vet today.  And as always a huge thank you to Dr. Slaton who without question did everything he could to help Jax and give him the best chance possible at a full recovery.
We have updated the fundraiser to reflect the amount the rescue put down.  Thank you all so very much.