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Melanie, affectionately called Mei Mei is an 8 month old Great Pyrenees Mix.  She has been with our rescue since she was about 12 weeks old.    She came to us young, and her former foster was planning on adopting her, but due to unforeseeable change in her life, was no longer able to keep Mei.  When Mei came back to us, it was clear that she had been the Diva of the household, and picked up the rather naughty habit of believing she gets to have whatever she wants whenever she wants it.  

So... it's off to training for Mei.  We got lucky that one of our amazing trainer friends has offered to keep Mei in her home and train her until she learns how to behave as a proper member of a household.  We got even luckier that our friend is doing this at a huge rescue discount for us, but since we can't do much fundraising right now, (our founder has a broken foot in case you haven't heard) we are really short on funds, and even at the discounted cost, it's steep for us.  

We need to raise money to help cover the costs of Mei's in home training program, which is costing us $50 per week ($200 a month).  Now, incase you aren't familiar with board and training programs, they typically cost around $2,000 for an 8 week program where they stay in a kennel and are worked with for maybe 30 minutes a day.  Mei is getting a FULL IN HOME (inside) training experience with a trainer for only $50 per week!

We are hoping that Mei transitions nicely and doesn't need too much time at training before she goes to her next foster (who will be the true test of Mei's ability to be a household family member).  But, she's still not ready for a less structured environment after the two weeks she's been there.  We have a full behavior plan on board for Mei, but need your help in making it happen!  We are hoping (worst case) that Mei will be in training for 3 months, which is $600.  

Please help us help Mei, so that she can be ready to move into her forever home as soon as she is ready!  She is just a giant puppy who needs structure and routine and we are committed to giving it to her.

<3 Colleen & Jordan

$50 = 1 week of in home training and socialization

Goal: $600

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