#1 Application

The first step in our process is for you to fill out an application.  We are using this as a guide to help match you with your new family member.  We want to know what your living situation is like and if it would fit the fur kid you're interested in, and if they would fit you!  This takes into account things like: other pets in the house, kids, gate height

#2 Meet & Greet

The second step is to schedule a meet and greet with the animal(s) you are interested.  Please note that our animals are in foster situations so scheduling a meet will require some schedule matching.  These are typically done on weekends.  For the meet, we ask that every person and dogs living in the household comes along.  We want to make sure that you, your family, any current fur kids, and the animal are truly a great match!  We are looking to see if you and the animal bond and would make each other happy.  Keep in mind this is just an initial meet.  For some kids who have had harder backgrounds and take a bit more time to adjust to new people we might ask you to meet them a few times.  

#3 Home Check

Yes, we require a home check with all adoptions.  The home check is NOT to judge you in anyway.  It is to ensure the safety of your new possible fur kid in your environment.  For example, we look to see if your fences are high enough for a pup not to jump.  Or to ensure there's no obvious dangers in the yard (like a live wire - yes that's really happened).  We just want to come in and point things out that we see could be issues as experienced pet owners that you might not have thought of!

#4 Adoption

In finalizing the adoption we have you fill out an adoption contract that signs the dog over to you as the official owner moving forward.  We go through the paperwork and all adoption conditions (we promise it's nothing too crazy).  

All of our adoptees come vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped.
Local Dog Adopters also get free training with their new dog.

We suggest an adoption donation at this time.  An adoption donation is requested with the adoption of your new family member.  This donation helps cover a portion of the costs of rescue, neutering/spay, vaccinations, and any other needed care.  And goes towards the care of the next animal we pull in and our programs that we run to help other animals in need.  Suggested Donation(s) are based on age of the animal and are as follows:
 Puppy - 1yr $350      1+yr - 2yr $300       2yr - 5yr $250       6yr+ $200
 These donations cover only a small portion of our costs in rescuing each animal.  Our cost on rescuing each animal change depending on the tests, vaccinations, sterilization, vet care, shots, feeding, grooming, training, boarding, and care needed until they find their forever home.  The average vet cost alone is around $500.00.  

Along with a copy of the contract you will receive a copy of all medical records, microchip info, behavior history, and a basic care help package.  


P.S... This is when you get to go home with your new family member!!!  And we bring them to you!

#5 Post Adoption Check In

We do a one week post adoption check in at your home.  This is just to ensure everything is going ok and to answer any questions you might have - plus we love to see our happy fur kids in their forever homes.

IF FOR ANY REASON YOU ARE NO LONGER CAPABLE OF CARING FOR YOUR ADOPTED FAMILY MEMBER:  We will take them back - for the life of the pet - no questions asked.

And also we LOVE photo updates!

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Our Adoption Process

We want to ensure that you and your new family member are each other’s best match.  In order to do this we have a process for each potential adoption.