We are Extremely Lucky to have Some Amazing Friends

Our Friends

Basset Rescue Network Inc., At Daphneyland

We are very fortunate to have the support of the founder of DaphneyLand, the only Basset Rescue and Rehabilitation center of it's kind!  You will never meet another woman as willing to help others as her, or who takes bigger strides to care for her 65+ hounds and friends who get the run of the ranch everyday and are then personally serenated to sleep to "If You Wish Upon A Star" each night".   If you are in the Acton area on a weekend, and love dogs like we do, it is more than worth the trip to DaphneyLand (aka Basset DisneyLand).  It is a life changing experience for sure. 

The Harness Lead

No words can describe the usefullness of the Harness Lead.  When I found this lead online, I had been working with "agressive" dogs at a shelter that very few people could handle, and I was using a regular loop lead and creating my own harness of sorts with it.  Volunteers would see what I was doing and realized how helpful it was in handling these dogs and started doing it too.  So I went on an internet search, because surely I wasn't the only person who had had this idea!, and came upon THE HARNESS LEAD!  And OH My Dog! It is a piece of equipment worth it's weight in gold! Not only does it accomplish exactly what I was trying to do with a simple loop lead, but it does it Safely AND leaves you a full length of leash to work the dog on!  I fell in love as soon as I ordered one!  

Well, then I had the privelidge to meet the creator Lisa, and now have the even greater priviledge of calling her a friend.  Not only are these leads amazing & Made in the USA, she even DONATES part of the profits to rescue organizations!!!!!!!  

As a trainer, I VERY RARELY Endorse a product.  But this one I believe in full hartedly and ask all my clients to use it... every time I hear how much easier it makes their dogs to handle as we start training.
So now you're asking what exactly does this leash do?  

It is a ONE PIECE slip lead that turns into a harness and it is ESCAPE PROOF (when used properly) unlike other harnesses (which as a trainer, for me are only slightly better than retractable leashes ... shudder).  It works as a slip lead, harness, emergency head collar or muzzle, long training line, short heel lead and it doesn't choke your dog!

Tails and Scales Animal Rescue

They're one of our networking partners and we work very closely with them!  They always have cute furry and scaly animals up for adoption!

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