Our Mission

Our Mission with this foundation is to provide assistance where it is needed to animals

and their humans.

#1 To Provide Financial Assistance to Animals in Need:

- Emergency Medical Costs
- Preventative Medical Care Costs (spay/neuter/vaccinations)

- Compassionate Euthanasia of older animals when owners can’t afford it to avoid shelter impound.

- Providing Financial Coverage of Animal Training,

- Financial Coverage of Pull Fees For Animals Needing Out of Shelters

#2 To Support Recovery of Lost, Found and/or Loose Pets. 

Please see our SCV Missing Pets Program for more on what we are doing!


#3 Fundraising to Support Charitable Assistance Program

One of Please visit our Donate page on how you can help us with fundraising for our cases and programs!  



#4 Education of the Public on Responsible Pet Ownership, Care, and Interaction.

One of the many ways that we accomplish this is through our Facebook Community: Everything Pets In SCV.  If you are local and aren't already a member, please request to join us!  In forming this open community we hoped to provide a safe and supportive place for pet owners and lovers to ask questions and get help.  Our community is able to support eachother while being educated on safe and effective ways to care for their pets. 








#5 To Sponsor Special Events Involving the Public to Bring Awareness of Responsible Pet Ownership and Resources at Their Disposal.

#6 To Provide Adoption Counseling for those in Need of Re-homing a Pet.

Please visit our Pet Adoption Assistance Program to see how we help those in need of re-homing a beloved pet do so responsibly and safely! 

#7 To Provide Education to Youth on Proper Animal Care, Interaction, Responsibility, and Ownership.

#8 Support of Spay / Neuter Programs and Education.

#9 The Intake, Re-habilitation, and Adoption of Owner Surrendered or Abandoned Animals.

Please visit our K9R&R Program: K9 Rescue and Re-Education Program and check out our Adoptable Pets!

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