Crisis Cases

We often take on cases who have no where else to go when we can.  For example, helping a family afford surgery for their fur-kid.  We do what we can when we can, but can't do it without your help.

K9 R&R

We try not to take on too many adoptable fur kids as we want to support others in their endeavors to do so instead of just repeating the wheel.  But sometimes we take on kids that need some extra help.  These kids enter our K9 Rescue and Re-Education Program where they get a chance to decompress and learn how to be effective family members before going up for adoption.  We always need support with our K9R&R kids.

Everything Pets in SCV

Our Facebook Community "Everything Pets in SCV" strives to be a safe place for the pet owners of SCV to come together and support one another, and to get help when they don't know where to turn with their fur kids!  

Join the conversation today!

SCV Missing Pets

SCV Missing Pets is our lost and found pets of SCV Program and information site.

Compassionate Goodbye Program

This program is one of the ones dearest to our hearts.  We don't think anyone should have to leave their pet at a shelter if they can't afford euthanasia and a vet, and we don't think any pet's last days should be spent behind bars.  Our goal is to have a fund readily available to cover the costs of euthanasia and private cremation for pets and families in need.

Pet Adoption Assistance Program

We try to provide resources and guidance to those having to rehome their pet, so they can do it as safely as possible for their fur kids.  

Our Success Stories

See just some of the many puppy faces we've been able to help thanks to our amazing supporters and adopters!

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Our Programs

We're in the process of building our Programs and are Constantly adding more so please stay tuned!

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