Help Rehoming a Pet

Sometimes things happen in life that are out of our control.  And sometimes, that means we need to find new homes for our loved pets even if it's the last thing we want to do, or ever thought we would have to do.  We know how hard it was for someone to come to this decision, and we know the judgement and anger that you're facing from people you ask for help.  We are here to help you, judgement free, we just want what is best for your pet.  

Things to Think About When Re-homing Your Pet...

Are You Willing To Surrender Your Pet To a Rescue?

#2 Network to Other Rescues

If your pet seems to fit the criteria of other rescues we network with, we can send your pets info to them to see if by chance they have room to rescue your pet.

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Rehoming your pet can be stressful, especially when you don't know exactly how to go about it...

so let us help.  There are 3 ways we help people rehoming their pets to avoid taking their pet to the shelter:

Why Consider Surrendering Your Pet?

We're Here To Help: 

#3 Commit To Owner Surrender Your Pet To Us

One of our Programs is taking in Owner Surrendered Pets.  We would love to take in every pet needing a home, but the problem we often face is that we don't have enough fosters to take them all in. How this program works is, you hang onto your pet while we look for a potential adopter.  In this time we will ensure your pet has had a health check, is altered, vaccinated and microchipped.  During this time, your dog is still entirely your responsibility.  We only commit to ensuring that alteration, vaccines and microchipping is done if it isn't done already.  Then once a foster or forever home is found, you will actually surrender your pet to us and we will handle the adoption process from there.  

This is a great option for families that don't want to surrender their pet to a shelter, but aren't facing a time limit to rehome their pet, as we can't promise when a foster or adopter will be available.  

Please note as well, not all pets are going to fit the criteria of our rescue.  We will still do whatever we can to help you get your pet adopted, but we can't commit to taking an animal unless we actually think we can help.

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A reputable rescue will ensure your pet gets a health check, is altered, is microchipped, and up to date on their vaccinations prior to adopting your dog to someone.

They will also ask any potential adopters to fill out an application and do a home check prior adopting out your pet.  

Giving your pet to a reputable rescue is the safest way to rehome your pet.

Don't Advertise Your Dog as "FREE"!!!!!

Ask for a "rehoming / adoption" fee.  These are to help deter people looking for pets for unsavory activities (like fighting). If you are uncomfortable accepting the fee for your personal use please donate it to a local animal shelter or charity group - if you need help with this please just ask. That way you are helping at least 2 animals instead of just one.  We recommend any amount between $30 and $300.

Use An Adoption Contract

Please ask the person who you are going to adopt your pet to to sign an adoption contract.  Why?  Because this provides you with information about them so you know who has your dog if something goes wrong.  It also makes sure they agree to certain things, like not leaving your dog outside 24/7, not using your dog for fighting, or contacting you if for some reason they can no longer keep your dog.  We know the last thing you want is for your beloved pet to end up in the shelter.  Need an Adoption Contract?  USE THE DOWNLOADABLE GENERAL ADOPTION CONTRACT downloadable to the left (the pdf is a computer fillable form that creates a copy of itself).
P.S. TRTBPF Takes NO Responsibility in the use of this contract, and in choosing to download and use the document, you agree to hold TRTBPF free of any liability.

Ask Questions!

Be sure you ask questions of potential adopters.  Ask things that you know your dog needs based off of their personality.  Download the file to the left for a list of questions/ observations to consider when talking to potential adopters!


Do A Home Check!!!!!

We can't stress doing a home check enough!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do so.  Why do a home check?  To point out places or things in the new owner's home that might not work for your pet.  Like pools, low fences, or exposed toxins.  Some people need to just have those things brought to their attention, as not everyone is knowledgeable about owning a dog, and you'll know what things your dog will gravitate towards best.

Alter Your Pet

Please make sure your pet is spayed or neutered prior to giving it to a new owner.  This is important because you don't want someone breeding your pet and adding to the overpopulation problem, or thinking that they can make money by breeding your pet.  If you need help getting your pet altered, please let us know and we can help you find somewhere.

Avoid Posting on Craigslist

Please don't post your pet on Craigslist.  This is where many people with not good intentions go to get "free animals"

Be Sure To Provide Medical Documents

Please send your pet to his or her new owner with a copy of any medical information you have.  Spay/Neuter certificates, rabies certificates, proof of other vaccinations.  This is important so that the new owner has your pet's history.  

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P.S. TRTBPF Takes NO Responsibility in the use of this contract, and in choosing to download and use the document, you agree to hold TRTBPF free of any liability.

Post Your Pet On Pet Adoption Sites! has a new "Help Rehome Your Pet" Feature that allows the general public in need of rehoming their pet to post on adoptapet!  This is huge because now you don't need a rescue to "courtesy post" your pet for you... you can do it all on your own!

Here's the Link to AdoptAPet's Rehome Assistant:

Post Your Pet on

Use Their Rehome Program to advertise your pet on pet sites!