2 Pups & Their Mom

UPDATE:  These 3 are safe and on their way way to a great rescue!

The Tragedy just keeps coming tonight... These 3 need out NOW!!!!!

The human mom desperately wants these 3 to be safe, but she needs our help!  She's afraid to just give us the dogs because the ex boyfriend is abusive.  But, he is now taking things out on the mom dog, and we need to get them out of the abusive situation.  He has agreed to give them up for $75.  $25 a dog.  We told them we would only take them if we got all 3, so that he doesn't try to keep one, he either gets nothing or the 75...  Can you guys please help us raise the $75 to get them safe?

P.S... we know it seems like a small amount of money, but we are really tight on funds right now, and just spent $72 on Rebel's intake vet check up.  We just don't have the money to be doing this without your support.

We and the pups thank you in advance <3

Goal: $75

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