Robert T. Brentnall

A Lasting Legacy... 

A Brilliant Mind and Fiercely Loyal Soul
Taken From Us Too Soon. 

Robert's story isn't pretty or polished, and those who didn't truly know him often passed judgement.
But no one could ever deny his love for two things: 
those he chose to love, and animals.  
That's where I got lucky.  Some people in this life are lucky enough to have family that chooses them.  That was my case with Robert.  I met Robert volunteering for a local veterinarian's office for an ROP class in high school. 
The moment he met me, he took me under his wing. So for  me, I got both of his best sides: he loved me like family, AND I spent hours around him and animals.  He taught everything and anything he could about animals and life.  

He didn't have an easy life.  And his burdens took him from us too soon. Not many people got to see the sides of him that I did.  I wanted a legacy for him that stripped away his burdens and showed his true self.  So, in creating this rescue, I knew that the best way to do that was to do it in his name.  

My hope is that he will be remembered and known by all as the truly loyal person that he was who had so much to give to people and animals in need no questions asked.  

In Undying Memory of Robert Thomas Brentnall
~ Colleen