Help us Help Lacey and Timber Too...

We really want to help some dogs in need, but first we need your help!  We can't help any more pups until we know we have the funds to care for the ones already depending on us and for the new kids...

Right now here's what we have going on in our Rescue World right now...

Rebel's Boarding - $15/day = $450/month
Rebel's Vet Care already cost us $72, and he still needs Neuter (around $150)

Gwen will soon need more vaccines 

Box of 25 Microchips ($375)

Mia & Midnight need spay/neuter (around $350) 

Mei's Board & Train - $200/ month

Sarge's Anxiety Supplements - $100/ month

So right now we're looking at a bill of around $1,700!

 And this doesn't even include our food bill!  

BUT... these guys NEED help!

Goal: $1,000

Lacey & Timber are 1.5 year old cattle dog mixes... they are not being taken care of and are in a horrible situation.  The neighbor has reached out for help, and no one is stepping up.

Here's the plea on Facebook:  PLEA LINK

"Brother-Sister/ Queensland Healer/Shepard Mix 1 1/2 years old: Lacey & Timber are in desperate need of a rescue or foster. They're living in horrible conditions. I have brought bags of food twice for these dogs because they were going almost a week without eating at times. The owner, my neighbor, is not only unfit, she wants them gone. Please if anyone can help, please reach out to me. I live 4 houses down and they cry all day and night, they are so stressed out. Any info or help would be much appreciated! Thank you."

Please help us commit to helping Lacey and Timber!

For everyone following... Lacey and Timber are SAFE & TOGETHER. They finally came to us today, and they are very happy in their warm room and getting spoiled!


HUGE thank you to everyone who donated, and helped us get Lacey and Timber safe and warm! These guys haven't had it easy, but they're survivors! We are hopefully that their lives moving forward are going to be a lot more spoiled now!

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