Skyver & Sawyer Need US!





Skyver & Sawyer's family is a bit down on their luck and needs some assistance to keep these two boys in their home.


Here's some of the story: Skyver & Sawyer's parents separated and mom went to live where she couldn't have dogs. Dad is a bit down on his luck and is currently staying in a hotel. These two gorgeous boys got lost about a month ago while the family was in the middle of packing they slipped out. One of our SCV Missing Pet Admins realized early this month that they had shown up at our local shelter in Castaic. Sadly though with the change in living arrangements, they weren't in the place to take them back and were hoping they would get adopted. Well their safe date was the 12th and when the mom called to check on them she was told that they were very likely to be killed because they were past their safe date. And lets face it, 2 large black dogs aren't the highest on the chart of adoptability, especially not together. And Sawyer needs thyroid meds (which are cheap) but made him even less adoptable at the shelter. The parents and the kids couldn't stand the thought of them being killed, so they paid the fees to get them back, but they don't have a safe place for them to stay. The dad and kids really want to keep them, but they're down on their luck and need to get a safe place for themselves first...


That's where we come in. We always like to help keep animals in their home if we can, and this is just one of those cases where with a little help this family can stay together. Sawyer and Skyver are about 5 and have been with their family since they found them out in the snow at 6 months old. The children would be devastated without them. They also have not been socialized with other dogs, so finding a home for them to go together would be hard. The family desperately needs either a foster or help with boarding fees until the family is on their feet and can provide a safe home... just $22 will buy them an extra day with their family.


We've set the fundraiser for $1320 as that's 2 months worth of boarding for them. Any time we can buy them to help figure out a safe place for them is better than nothing....


AS ALWAYS: If a foster or other solution is found not requiring the funds raised for boarding or other assistance, you will have the choice of your donations being refunded or other TRTBPF needs.

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