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Meet our newest boy MACE!!! 

Mace is a 14 month old pit mix pup!  Mace went to stay with his grandparents when his dad went to college, and the older dog there just wasn't ok sharing space. Unfortunately Mace was yet another victim of a family reaching out for education and help to be faced with extremely high training rates to even get seen and after an escalation of the other dog's frustration, some family members decided Mace just couldn't stay. He was faced with heading to the shelter at 5 pm on Friday night when we heard his story at about 430. We asked if we could come meet him and if they could give us until today to see how we could help. Luckily for Mace they were willing to work with us.... we met Mace and found out that he's a total squish bug!


We've been told he's crate trained, great with other dogs, good with kids (even toddlers pull on him and he just doesn't care). He knows shake and will sit patiently for a treat until he's told ok. He also loves car rides and Starbucks puppichinos!  He's a short and stocky guy who loves a good pet!  


Right now Mace is in boarding which is costing us $15 a day! And he still needs to be neutered.


He's available for adoption and will be ready to go home after he's neutered. Interested in meeting Mace? Fill out an application!: Adoption Application


Goal: $500

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