Sargent Onyx "SARGE"

On January 13th at about 830 PM I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my family, casually scrolling through my Facebook feed.  I came across a picture of two dogs on the side of a road with the caption "Brown dog died and the black dog won't leave his side.  Can someone help this dog they've been there for at least 7 hours.  If no one helps I think black dog is going to die also." 

I couldn't stand the thought of this poor dog out in the cold in the pitch black night, so I called a friend and asked if she could go check to see if they were still there.  Sure enough they were, but there were other people there too already trying to get him.  He was protecting his dead friend and wouldn't let anyone come close.   Another friend let me know someone was out there trying to get him with a trap.  And he appeared to be burying his friend to keep her safe.

I couldn't stop thinking about this poor kid.  Luckily the next day, my friend let me know that he had been trapped and was receiving treatment at a local veterinary hospital.  The story was so touching that even KTLA 5 News came out to cover the story. I was so relieved when I found out he was safe. Doggie Smiles Rescue was covering his medical costs and boarding and another rescue had stepped up to take him in when he was ready. I was so excited that he was safe and had a happy ending.

So you would imagine my surprise when my friend reached out to me 5 days later saying Sarge was STILL in boarding and the rescue that had said they would take him had backed out! My heart broke all over again. I asked if I could go meet him and since he was being neutered the next day I went up 2 days later. I had heard that he was still terrified and being a little grouchy about people (who could blame the poor kid), so I came armed with my secret weapon (chicken nuggets). Sarge came in the room and took one look at me and wasn't so sure. So I offered him some chicken and from that moment on he proceeded to lick my face and rub into my legs. I knew then that we had to do everything we could for him.

So… we took Sarge in.   He will be going to work with an in home trainer until he is through quarantine and ready for adoption.  But we need your help!  We need to raise the money to pay for his care and training!  We want to do everything we can to get him acclimated again.  Will you help us support Sarge?  We know he would really appreciate people supporting and loving him the way he protected and loved his friend.    Any amount helps!  We want to give him the TLC he needs to feel secure again!

Sarge Update:

Sarge is now with a foster, acclimating to doggie life.  He is a available for adoption to the perfect home!  He's great with other dogs, but really just prefers human company.  He wants to be around his people as much as he can. He does need to go to a dog only home with no other kinds of pets, but he can go to a home without other dogs.  He just wants to be loved and snuggle.  Please help us take care of him by donating to his Support Fund.  Between all his care he is costing us about $100 a month, and while we are happy to pay it to support this loyal boy, it would be even better if we had help with the costs.  


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