Who Are We?

We are a group of volunteers who want to make a difference for pets in need and their humans.


Founder / President / Trainer

I'm just a girl who grew up training dogs with her dad and always had a love for animals.  And I wanted to be a veterinarian.  I went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to get my bachelors degree in animal science and graduated with a concentration in veterinary science.  As my senior project, I started a dog training program (K9 Rescue and Re-education) at the school where students fostered behaviorally challenged shelter dogs and I taught them to train them until they became adoptable. (note, the dog in the photo is a total foster failure from said project) After graduating I realized that while I loved veterinary medicine, I could truly make a difference in dogs' lives with training.  Behavior problems are the main reason why dogs are surrendered to shelters or abandoned and then euthanized and I want to be able to do what I can for as many dogs as I can.  So, I became an official dog trainer.  Then, as I continued to work in the rescue and shelter system, I realized there were so many ways that I wanted to help even more!  First I got trained in Missing Pet Recovery through Missing Pet Partnership and started the SCV Missing Pets Program.  I wanted a place where people could report their missing pets so the information was centralized, and we were always catching loose pets anyway when we saw then, so if I had a place where people could report them, I could go out and try and get them before they got hurt.  
As this unfolded we continued to see gaps we wanted to fill, so we decided to make it super official and open a non-protit which is where we are today!

P.S.  IF you are looking for dog training please visit: K9MannersMatter.com


Board Member & Rescue Extrordinaire

I firmly believe that someone out there put Jordan in my path.  We met when we were in our tireless search for Ruby through SCV Missing Pets and have since supported eachother in all our rescue efforts.  Someone out there knew that we were just supposed to rescue animals together.  I am very proud and honored to have her as not only as a friend, but as a member of our board.
Jordan’s father was notorious for bringing home stray animals as a child, and he introduced his wife and daughter to the idea of rescuing animals in need. Over the years Jordan, with the help of her family, has adopted and fostered dogs, cats, birds, snakes, rabbits, chinchillas and various other small animals.   At the age of 21 Jordan went to Baldwin Park and made her first independent dog rescue as an adult. She took home a dog with an overbite, that nobody wanted, and named her Josephine. Eventually Jordan was told that Josephine had other congenital deformities, including a bad heart valve. Tragically, Josephine died before her 5th birthday, which drove Jordan to fully dedicate herself to rescuing unwanted dogs. Jordan has a Bachelors Degree in Deaf Studies and Special Education. She has fostered deaf dogs, and applies the patients and teaching skills that she acquired working with children, to fostering dogs.


Volunteer of a Lifetime

We are So Very Lucky to have April on our team.  She is the sweat and tears behind the scenes of our SCV Missing Pets Program.  She works tirelessly tracking missing pets in SCV and it's surrounding areas trying her darndest to get them back home and to safety.  

We could not do what we do with this program without her!

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