UPDATE #1: So, as we feared this isn't going to be a simple send home case.  The current vet has diagnosed it as a wound that has abcessed.  The current quote for everything is $667.20.  We are working on a second quote to get the basics covered and take him back to the vet tomorrow or hopefully find his owners.  

Crisis Case....

This pup showed up at a neighbor's house injured.  They don't know who he belongs to, as he's not chipped.  

He showed up with a swollen leg and a wound.  He currently won't put weight on his foot, and she doesn't have the money to get him to see a vet.

Her Plea: This little baby always comes to our house we don't know who he belongs to but today he was sitting at our gate and his back leg is injured. I don't have money to take him to the vet. Does anyone know what I can do to help him or can anyone help him?

We told her we would pay for the emergency office visit ($47) and pain meds to get him at least comfortable, but that's all we can afford to promise unless we get the money to complete the estimate.  She has him at the vet now and we're waiting to see what they want to do.  

We are thinking probably a clip and clean, anti-inflammatories, pain meds, antibiotics and quite possibly X-rays to see if the leg is broken.  Please help us raise the money to cover the care he needs...

We will post the estimate as soon as we get it... for now we are going to start the fundraiser at 200.

UPDATE #2: We got him a basic wound clean, a pain injection, antibiotic injection, pain meds to go home and antibiotics to go home. The finder will see how he does overnight and probably take him to a vet in the morning. We will keep everyone updated with what we know! Tonight's bill was 194.40. Thank you to everyone who donated so we could at least get this boy more comfortable.


Remember this kid with the broken leg? Well he's made things a bit complicated on us and gone and gotten his leg seriously infected.  We were told the person who found him could take care of him until he was healed, but we found out last night that he was left alone (but being checked on twice a day and fed) for 5 days...  While this might be okay for healthy animals while parents are away, it wasn't what poor Taco who was supposed to be on cage rest needed.  He managed to get out of the yard multiple times and did who knows what with his poor leg.  It is now very infected and he is needing hospitalization and a lot of meds.  


It was so bad some of his pads have sluffed off and he is on multiple antibiotics as well as pain meds and is getting hydro-therapy.  There was a large open wound with puss between all his toes.  The photos are from AFTER the wound had been cleaned TWICE, So it was even worse than it looks in them. 

We had to put $150 down last night for them to begin treatment. 
The estimate total for last night was 311.80 and is going to be another 114 at least for the next two nights he has to stay.  We're expecting him to need to stay even after that which will make our bills even more!  Plus he still needs follow up X-rays to see how his broken foot healed which is around another $180 and further wound care and wrapping which will be even more!  So we need our supporters' help because we weren't planning on this happening with poor Taco and his alternative was going to animal control last night which we couldn't let happen with such a bad wound.

We also need a local foster to help him through his recovery so we can watch him more closely. We're told he's about 1.5 years old and looks like a chi x corgi mix! He's a super sweet boy who is a bit shy of men.

Anyone willing to foster? He will need to be crated as his activity needs to be minimal while he recovers!

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